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Our Clients Know Best

Oberon was made with high quality material I gave the artist artistic freedoms cause I love surprises! I absolutely love him!! Exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend!


Sarah created the perfect companion for a very singular child. Sia as well as myself, is enchanted by her blinking eye dragon. He has not left her shoulder since his arrival, which was an entire week before the projected delivery date! A lovely experience in every way with this shop. A truly lovely job!

5 out of 5 stars    

I couldn’t be happier with my shoulder dragon Blutooth made for me by Sarah. All I asked was for a festival friendly colour and left it to her creative genius.
There is so much attention to detail and her features are easy to manoeuvre. I know she’s going to be hit at next year’s festival season and I can’t wait to show her off 

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